Pelton’s introduces high-tech showroom

Friday, October 31, 2008

WETHERSFIELD, Conn.--In its new showroom, Pelton’s Home Health Care seeks to marry high-tech features with a “Welcome home” atmosphere.

“The idea of having a commode hanging in the window-that’s the old school home healthcare company, thinking that a commode and a wheelchair in the window would somehow sell more product,” said Neil Alan, owner. “People want to be comfortable in their surroundings. They want colorful places to shop.”

In April, Pelton’s consolidated its 2,500-square-foot and 1,500-square-foot locations into a roughly 20,000-square-foot building that now houses its warehouse, billing and administrative departments. It also houses a 9,000-square-foot showroom.

The showroom’s high-tech components are apparent as soon as customers walk through the front door.

An “auto greeter” welcomes customers and tells them about available products and services, Alan said.

In other parts of the store, a short video might explain the need for compression stockings or how to find diabetic shoes. Pelton’s uses technology to make customers feel more comfortable dealing with sensitive items, Alan said.

“It’s the information people are interested in hearing, but they may not want a customer service person to come up to them and bother them about it,” he said.

In the new showroom, product displays featuring the comforts of home also put customers at ease, Alan said.

“In the bedroom area, the bed is made up and there’s a nightstand and lamp, and you get the feeling that you’re in someone’s bedroom,” he said.

Pelton’s accessorizes the showroom with items such as garden benches, fireplaces and recliners through a partnership with local retailers, said Stan Brooks, president. Retailers lend their products to the showroom and in return Pelton’s provides in-store signage and mentions them in its promotions, including appearances on the television program “Connecticut Business Today.”