Permobil chair stars on 'ER'

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

LEBANON, Tenn. - Permobil's C500 power wheelchair landed a guest appearance on NBC's Emmy Award-winning drama "ER" Feb. 2.
The episode called "Body and Soul" highlighted the struggles of college professor Dr. Nate Lennox, played by Academy Award-nominated actor James Woods, as he battles ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.
"This was an amazing experience for everyone involved," said Barry Steelman, marketing manager for Permobil, Inc. "Actor James Woods was the consummate professional and demonstrated his commitment to portraying those with ALS. I truly believe this episode will be a real eye-opener about people with ALS, their caregivers, the progression of the disease and the emotional and psychological challenges they face."
To prepare for the role, Woods and members of the "ER" team spent time with individuals who have ALS to gain a better understanding of the disease and how it affects their lives.
Because Woods was in a wheelchair for the episode, an integral part of this crash course was learning how people with ALS use their power wheelchairs to do everyday tasks.
Three associates from Permobil--Steelman,Tommy Mandala and Jeremy Sedlack --were on set guiding Woods and helping himnavigate throughout the entire filming.
The C500 is part of Permobil's new Professional Rehab Series, which also includes the C300 and C400. These three power bases combine with a variety of seating systems to accommodate mobility and seating needs from simple to complex.