Philipps Respironics launches online tool

Thursday, May 24, 2012

MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – Philips Respironics now provides its HME provider customers with a one-stop-shop for sales and marketing, educational, and training materials through a new website.

“We’ve always had these tools, but our customers kept telling us, ‘We need them in one place,’” said Maura Toole Weis, director, sleep marketing, Philips Repironics. “Even though they see our sales reps regularly, they wanted to be able to access this information when it was convenient for them.”

The “Partners in Training” website, which has separate sign-ins for providers and physicians, can be found at

The goal of the new “Partners” website is two-fold, Weis says: Help providers generate more revenues by expanding their referral base, and help them reduce costs through improved|

“There’s a lot going on in the industry, and we have to work at it together,” she said.

The idea is for providers to use the website’s tools, for example, to brush up on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and how it’s associated with co-morbid conditions like diabetes, so they can approach new referral sources, like specialty physicians, and have a meaningful conversation with them, Weis says.

The website debuted in April when Philips Respironics sent its customers an email blast calling on them to participate. Since then about 200 have signed up, mostly providers.

“We’re tickled with the amount of traffic the website has received so far,” said Jeff Marshall, marketing manager, sleep therapy, Philips Respironics.