Pieces in place for e-CMNs, physician says

Sunday, August 31, 2003

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - The outgoing president of the American Medical Association has signed off on the e-CMNs.

Richard Corlin, MD, says he agreed to become chairman of E-Click MD once he received assurances that the e-CMN platform met the physician community’s criteria.

“For the program to be successful, it had to increase compliance with documenting regulations and do it in a manner that was absolutely foolproof,” he said. “It also had to reduce overhead and increase revenue in a [legitimate] manner. This program meets our expectations.”

Corlin, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based gastroenterologist, says physicians are increasingly turning to electronic record keeping and that e-CMNs are an integral part of the process.

“With each passing year, you’ll see a significant increase in physicians who keep electronic records in their office,” he said.

“The big practices have already taken the lead. Electronic records are easier to track and you can retrieve patient data from wherever you are. That’s a tremendous convenience.” HME