PMD Demo: CMS's takeaway

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HME News reached out to CMS in September to ask for its thoughts on the PMD demo after one year. Here’s what the agency had to say:

How is the demo going?

As a result of the continuing education associated with the demonstration and the detailed non-affirmed letters CMS sends the affected parties, CMS is seeing improvements in the quality of documentation submitted for medical necessity for PMDs. CMS intends to release statistics about the first year of the demonstration later this fall.

Are the demo’s goals being met?

Preliminary data indicates that spending per month on power mobility devices in the demonstration states decreased, as did spending in non-demonstration states. We believe that many national suppliers have adjusted their billing practices and are now complying with CMS policies based on their experience with the demonstration. CMS has also learned that providers appreciate receiving feedback about documentation flaws before rendering the service and submitting a claim.