PMI extends respiratrory line

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

MARLBORO, N.J. -- Professional Medical Imports (PMI) ventured further into the home respiratory market in July with the addition of a pulse oximeter, nebulizer and a suction machine to its ProBasics line. PMI already makes a regulator, conserver, cylinder bag, carts and racks for the respiratory market.
"Our business, in general, is commodities but in order to get into some of the bigger houses, we needed to get more technically oriented products," said PMI President Scott Hassel. "We'd been working on a nebulizer for some time until we got one that was right. There's not much volume in suction machines, but there was a void in our price point. The pulse oximter goes with our other oxygen products. If someone's on oxygen, you've got to have it."
PMI doesn't sell a CPAP or a concentrator, though Hassel won't rule out manufacturing either, especially as the market responds to pricing pressures brought on by competitive bidding.
"I still believe the business will be price driven. I may go against the Invacares of the world. But that's the market I see," said Hassel.