PMSI builds repair network

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TAMPA, Fla. – PMSI, a provider of, among other things, medical supplies and equipment to the workers’ compensation market, has expanded into wheelchair and scooter repairs.

PMSI now offers its customers (insurers, state workers’ compensation funds, employers and third-party administrators) a network of 1,000 repair technicians across the country.

“What we discovered is that there really isn’t anyone out there doing this (for the workers’ comp market),” said Paul DiFrancesco, president of PMSI’s medical services and equipment division. “We believe this is a segment of the population that, fortunately or unfortunately, will be growing over time, so there’s a definite need and opportunity.”

The medical services and equipment division generates about $75 million in gross sales per year. PMSI also offers pharmacy services and settlement solutions.

PMSI has been “doing business in this space for a while,” DiFrancesco said, but now, it has “formalized” the process.

“Some people who we provided wheelchairs to would come back to us and say, ‘Hey, the control arm doesn’t seem to be sending me in the proper direction. What am I supposed to do?’” he said. “When that started to happen enough, we knew we needed to make it more a part of what we do.”

The repair technicians in the network work for wheelchair and scooter providers or manufacturers, DiFrancesco said.

“These are folks that we’ve had to call on in the past, and they’ve provided good service, timely service and reliable service,” he said.