Pocket PC wins following

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

ATHENS, Tenn. - Since rolling out its novel handheld ordering system earlier this spring, Jaysec Technologies has quickly developed a fan base among HME suppliers who would prefer orders to come via the Internet, not the fax machine.

So far, 40 different HME companies have signed on to use Jaysec’s IOS (Ideal Ordering System) and are beginning to dispatch the pocket PC’s into the offices of physician referral sources. (For more information on how the system works, see the May issue of HME News.)

“We’re rolling it out this month, full bore in Phoenix,” said Lance Fritz, vice president of sales and marketing at O2 Science. “This is going to make the fax machine obsolete in the future.”

Fritz isn’t sure yet whether the IOS will generate additional business from physicians enamored by the handheld pocket PC technology, or simply serve to tighten the relationship between his office and his referral sources. But for Fritz, at least, the handwriting is on the touch-screen.

“Honestly, I think everybody is going to use a technology of this type eventually,” he said.