Prepare to become an ATP

Friday, January 25, 2013

With ATPs in high demand, several providers are turning to their member organizations to help current employees pass the ATP test. 

In response, U.S. Rehab and The MED Group recently began offering revamped courses that offer a comprehensive education for prospective ATPs. 

The ATP Master Program

The 10-month course, launched in October 2012, is offered online, with classroom instruction, clinical resources and webinars with industry presenters. It improves upon U.S. Rehab’s previous ATP prep program by adding coursework that features more real-world preparation, rather than teaching to the ATP test, says Greg Packer.

“It’s more in-depth and touches all the bases,” said Packer, vice president of The VGM Group’s U.S. Rehab. “We want the students to be well-rounded when they start their practice.”

VGM’s mobility experts Peggy Walker and Elizabeth Cole designed the curriculum, with Cole overseeing the coursework and hosting monthly calls with students. 

RTP Journeyman

The MED Group National Rehab Network launched the RTP Journeyman Program Jan. 1. The course contains six online sessions, as well as 20 hours of clinical training from MED business partners. 

Part of the revamp: more guidance along the way by the course instructor, including phone Q&A sessions.

“The material for each session needs to be completed by the next session,” said Jim Howle, director of the National Rehab Network. “It will help keep them on track.”

Member organizations say they expect the demand for qualified ATPs will remain high so their courses should be popular.

“There’s a big need and it’s not going away,” said Howle.