Pressure sore prevention, wound care

Monday, December 31, 2001

Not sure what pressure sore prevention and wound care products to stock? Check out the following possibilities from manufacturers. HME

Pressure Sore Prevention

- Static technology provides internal pressure by using the patient's body mass index.
- Technology developed by physicians through years of research.
- Battery backup, LCD display, highly portable.

Graham Field
Lumex Positioner
- High-resilience, molded foam.
- Specialized, migration resistant DFD gel cell, viscal elastic foam top layer.
- Lightweight, durable, comfortable, easy to keep clean.

Stimulite Honeycomb Cushion
- Provides pressure management relief, reduced shearing, ventilation.
- Extremely hygienic: antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant; machine washable and dryer safe.
- Lightweight: 3.25 pounds.; three inches thick

Mellen Air

- One piece configuration.
- Blower driven, low-air-loss.
- Proven reliability, efficacy.

Stage IV 3000

- Mulit-zoned pressure relief.
- Combines low-air loss, alternate pressure in one.
- Digital display shows air cell pressures.

PressureGuard CFT
- Out performs expensive low-air loss systems yet requires no electricity.
- Medicare reimbursable as a group II (treatment) surface under EO 373.
- Ultra simple and hassle-fee; 5-year warranty.


Turning System Mark I
- Low-air loss turning mattress overlay.
- Helps prevent and treat pulminary congestion.
- Helps eliminate sleep deprivation.

Wound Care

FLA Orthopedics
Clinitex HealWell contracture splint
- Suspends heel, protecting it from pressure or friction.
- Hip rotation control bar helps position the foot correctly without rotating hip.
- Microban liner helps control growth of bacteria, yeast, fungus.


United Pacific
Hinged Knee Wrap

- Adjustable straps above and below patella opening.
- Full-length, anterior opening.
- Trioxon lining wicks away moisture.


Omega Medical
Megazinc pink adhesive tape

- Latex-free, zinc oxide-based adhesive tape.
- Easy tear edge; conforms easily to body contours; flexible.
- Available in sizes 1/2", 1", 2", 3".