Pride: big but friendly

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Pride Mobility needs all 9,000 square feet of booth space in Atlanta because that’s what it takes to relocate the company’s Exeter, Pa.-based headquarters to the Medtrade show floor for three days. Essentially “we’re bringing Pride to our customers,” said President Dan Meuser.

In order to give show attendees the full “Pride experience,” the manufacturer is devoting space to various facets of the operation in two adjacent booths. Pride Mobility has 6,500 square feet of space at Booth 1615, while Pride subsidiary Quantum Rehab has 2,500 square feet across the aisle in Booth 1915.

In this year’s spotlight are 12 new products ready for market, with another six prototypes slated for future production. Also on display are marketing and merchandising programs, financial services, electronic commerce services and compliance training programs. In essence, everything that Pride does for providers is showcased at the booth.

“It’s entirely about products and services in the interest of our providers,” Meuser said. “That’s why our booth is so big. We breathe with the industry.”

Pride has grown from a 200-square-foot-booth in 1985 to be the second-largest exhibitor at the show in 2003. Looking back, Meuser says Pride has evolved from an upstart company looking to make some noise to an industry leader searching for ways to blaze new trails.

“When we started we didn’t understand the needs of the industry – we were just trying to be better than the competition,” he said. “Our products were too big and too costly. None of us understood how compatible a product needed to be…not just to providers, but to the entire fulfillment chain, including referral sources and funding sources.”

The Pride booth may be geared for commerce, but Meuser says it is designed to be welcoming, friendly and comfortable.

“It’s not just about business,” he said. “It’s about seeing old friends and making it an enjoyable event for our customers.”