Provider keeps moving forward

Friday, August 22, 2014

LAS VEGAS – A patient was once so terrified of his new wheelchair he couldn’t use it; five years later, he wheels around in it like a pro.

That kind of transformation and the fun of working with young patients, say Erik Montville and Bryan Schultz, are part of why they recently started Desert Medical Rehab, which focuses on pediatrics.

“The kids are always progressing into something new in their lives,” said Montville, ATP and general manager. “It’s nice to see them keep moving forward in life.”

There’s a need for custom rehab services for young patients in the Las Vegas area because few want to do it, said Schultz, president of Desert Medical Rehab and Desert Medical Equipment.

“The children can be complex,” he said. “Obviously, they grow and their needs change.They progress, they regress, it depends.”

Montville assesses the young complex rehab patients, whose treatment is preauthorized through Medicaid or private insurance, said Schultz. 

“He’s very good with kids, very good with parents,” he said. “It’s different when you put someone who’s 70 in a wheelchair than when you put someone who is 15 in a wheelchair.”

The company hopes to grow with a focus on customer service, said Montville, who will draw on his experiences working for the first company that ATG Rehab, now Numotion, purchased.

“What that small company was and what they grew into—what Numotion is today—is basically the idea of how I want a rehab company to be established,” said Montville. “Attention to detail—I want us to be almost perfectionist.”