Provider Traks thief

Sunday, February 27, 2011

EDISON, N.J. - Provider Jeff Ackerman used FleetTraks, a GPS fleet management tool, to help local police catch a thief.

Ackerman, owner of Jeff's Surgical Supply and a member of The VGM Group, received a call from police on Jan. 3 at 2 a.m. Officers were watching a videotape that showed an individual getting out of one of his delivery trucks and breaking the front window of a convenience store.

"They asked if there was any reason someone would be driving the vehicle," Ackerman stated in a release from VGM. "I explained that I have a driver on call. The police asked me to call him. He was sleeping at home. I told them I had a tracking device on the vehicle, so I booted up my laptop, went to the FleetTraks program and starting giving the police the route our stolen vehicle was taking."

A high-speed chase ensued. Officers captured the thief after he crashed the truck. They discovered he had robbed a jewelry store earlier in the evening.

"I was able to give the police a printout of the vehicle's movements," Ackerman stated.