Providers pull in business from afar

Friday, April 26, 2013

Within two weeks of listing her company with an online rental directory in March, provider Chris Limbeck had already received a few leads.

She hadn’t heard of the site before the owner got in touch with her.

“Rent It Today contacted me because they were looking for someone in my area,” said Limbeck, owner of Bloomington, Minn.-based Metro Medical. “We’ve already gotten business from it.”

A listing, which includes company name and location, costs $100 per month. Customers can search by product and location and, if they find a provider, fill out contact information on the site. Rent it Today, hosted at, directs users to rental sources for everything from costumes to homes.

While providers say their own local advertising draws in the majority of their customers, the travel market is harder to reach. That’s where Rent It Today comes in, they say.

 “Google ‘CPAP rental’ and Rent It Today will be No. 1,” said Andrew Trammell, controller at Matthews, N.C.-based Carolinas Home Medical Equipment, which has listed with the site for four months. “We couldn’t afford not to do this.”

Rent It Today emails Trammell two or three leads a week, he said, although some customers are looking for equipment he doesn’t rent.

The site helps travelers find South Daytona, Fla.-based Volusia Medical Supply when planning to visit the popular auto racing and beach destination, says provider Laikha Aziz.

“It helps get our name out there,” said Aziz, president.

She initially turned down Rent It Today’s invitation to join the site, but later decided it might help offset losses from competitive bidding.

Limbeck agreed.

“Competitive bidding is going to impact all of our incomes,” said Limbeck.