Pull up a Chair

Thursday, July 31, 2003

It may be summer in Texas, but there’s always a fire burning in FreedomFighters’ new, 2,600-square-foot store in Midland.

The Abilene-based wheelchair and seating system company opened the store, which features a glass-walled showroom with a “living room” feel, in June. Among the 20 different wheelchairs showcased in the store are features like a fireplace, plants and candles, according to Jeff Day, CEO of the company.

Freedom Fighters had already had a presence in Midland, in the form of a 1,200-square-foot warehouse, but the company decided to trade that in for something bigger and open a new store.

“There’s a need for us here,” Day said. “Once you get out into the more rural parts of West Texas, there’s no one doing what we do, or at least the way we do it.”

Three full-time employees staff the new store; a licensed orthotist, a CRTS and an ATS will visit the store several times a week. In addition to the showroom, the new store has one room each for orthotics and mastectomy supplies, areas the company has recently decided to expand into.