Q&A: Cody Verrett

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cody Verrett has returned to his roots. Verrett, formerly the national sales director for Quantum Rehab, the complex rehab division of Pride Mobility Products, joined ATG Rehab, a provider, as its vice president of sales and marketing in March. “I started my career in the industry as a rehab technology supplier (RTS), working directly with consumers, clinics and funding sources in the Baltimore-Washington area,” he said. Here’s what Verrett had to say about helping ATG grow, but without losing sight of where it came from.

HME News: What do you hope to accomplish at ATG Rehab?

Cody Verrett: I want to help elevate ATG Rehab to a national presence within the clinician and disability communities. Over time, ATG Rehab has totally evolved by consolidating its offices in specific markets, and now that it has this sort of umbrella approach, it’s really about elevating the brand and bringing better clinician and consumer recognition to ATG Rehab as a strong national company with great local support.

hme: What else?

Verrett: I want to help ATG Rehab make smart decisions, bring on high quality ATPs and continue to grow.

hme: How do you help ATG Rehab grow without losing sight of where it came from?

Verrett: By staying close to our core values and reminding our sales force every day what’s important, which is taking care of patients. I’m trying to make sure that, even though ATG Rehab continues to grow, we still have that local appeal. If we do that and do that best, the rest will take care of itself.

hme: What are the challenges you face in trying to accomplish these things?

Verrett: Finding quality ATPs and smart acquisition opportunities—neither is simple. There are a lot of dynamics that come into play. But there are things that lend ATG Rehab an advantage—mainly the technology that it has in place. In every step of the process, we make it as fast and efficient as possible.

hme: Why return to the provider side of things after more than 10 years working for a manufacturer?

Verrett: It’s a new challenge. I’ve always enjoyed being part of this industry, and I’ve enjoyed being part of Pride and Quantum, but I really wanted to get back to my roots a little bit.