Q&A: Sandra Canally: You may be accredited, but are you exemplary?

Friday, November 30, 2018

ATLANTA – Much like HME providers, The Compliance Team has had to reinvent itself over the years. The Spring House, Pa.-based accrediting organization, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has diversified into different post-acute care markets and launched additional products, including the new Exemplary Provider designation for Patient-Centered Respiratory Home, and in the process grown to 35 employees. Here’s what Sandra Canally, the only woman to own an accrediting organization, had to say at Medtrade in October about the new designation and more.

HME News: When you look at the past 25 years, what are some of the more significant changes in the accreditation market?

Sandra Canally: The Medicare Modernization Act, which required accreditation. We date back prior to the MMA—a lot of people forget that, it wasn’t just the Big 3, it was the Big 4—but once that hit, the masses came into the accreditation market.

HME: How has The Compliance Team differentiated itself?

Canally: We built a model around the exemplary provider. Most people don’t know what accreditation means, but they know what exemplary means. To create exemplary providers, we have an education approach to accreditation. We give providers tools like self-assessment checklists, and give them access to call advisers and a website to stay up to date.

HME: Why did The Compliance Team go above and beyond accreditation, and launch different Exemplary Provider designations?

Canally: When you look at what’s happening in healthcare overall, such as value-based care, we wanted a way to identify providers and enable them to increase their business. It’s truly a progression of them elevating their status with payers and referral sources by meeting advanced standards, like care plans and care coordination. It shows that they’re not just an equipment company.

HME: What else is in the pipeline for The Compliance Team?

Canally: We’ll have another designation for HME providers coming out in the next six months. It’s important. These are the providers that care more than any other about the community they serve. They deserve to be recognized.

HME: Are you doing anything to commemorate 25 years in business?

Canally: We’re putting together plans right now. Next year, we plan to have a 10x20 island for booth space, which is bigger for us, and plan to have a big bash there.