Quality Medical takes total control

Friday, January 6, 2017

LARGO, Fla. – The new owners of Quality Medical have set the company up for a robust 2017.

The company, which offers repair and preventative maintenance services for respiratory equipment and infusion pumps, has hired a new regional director, Teresa May, to manage client relationships in south Florida; and has rented an additional 3,000-square-foot facility in Cartersville, Ga., that it plans to open in late January.

“I like to call ourselves a 13-year-old startup,” said Jim Worrell, senior vice president of corporate development, who bought the company in 2015 with two other partners, one of whom, CEO PK Bala, previously led a tech company that handled repairs for network routers and hubs.

When Worrell came on the scene, Quality Medical was still conducting business via fax and was managing its clients out of a spiral notebook. Now it has a new website with an online customer portal called Q-Connect and a CRM system.

In December, Q-Connect, which allows clients to manage and view the entire lifecycle of their equipment, already had 150 users, Worrell said.

“This cloud-based portal allows them to get RMA numbers online, approve estimates online, and access asset service tickets with a single click of the mouse,” he said. “Now when a regulator walks in and wants to see all service records for a particular asset, it’s just a click away.”

Quality Medical also rolled out a new program in the fall, called Total Equipment Control, that allows providers to outsource not only repair and preventive maintenance services, but also supply chain, warehousing and transportation activities. TEC roots in services that Quality Medical has been offering on a more customized basis. For one client, for example, Quality Medical inventoried their products and moved them from branch to branch as needed, allowing the provider to take a hands-off approach to the logistics of their vent program.

“They just call us and we ship it, and they know it’s clean and patient ready,” Worrell said.

Another component of TEC is allowing providers to sell Quality Medical their products and rent them back, as a way to boost their cash flow.

“This allows providers to better align their expenses with revenues,” Worrell said. “It changes your expenses from being fixed to variable.”

Looking forward, Quality Medical is considering another center in Florida and an additional center in the Midwest.

“This industry is in need of the kind of technology that has been in the IT industry for years,” Worrell said. “We want to be the poster child for that technology.”