Quantum Rehab moves West

Thursday, April 30, 2009

EXETER, Pa.--Pride Mobility’s Quantum Rehab division will expand operations and begin manufacturing complex rehab products in Las Vegas this month.

The move is designed to better serve patients and providers in the western United States by reducing delivery times and improving regional support services west of the Mississippi River, company officials say.

 “This is a huge, huge move for us,” said Cy Corgan, Pride’s national sales director of retail mobility. “This is going to give us great ship time for all of our providers.”

Ship time is critical, both for providers trying to fill an order and for patients who need mobility assistance.

“Days do matter,” Corgan said.

Currently, it takes five to seven days to ship Quantum products from Pride’s facility in Exeter, Pa., to Los Angeles. By expanding Quantum’s operations to Las Vegas, that ship time will be reduced to one to two days, said company officials.

The western expansion also will lower shipping costs for Pride, and most likely reduce the amount of product damaged during transit, said company officials.

Pride will begin manufacturing Quantum’s most popular products in Las Vegas and expand operations from there. It already manufactures lift chairs and other products in Las Vegas.