Quantum Rehab spotlights different rolls of life

Friday, January 3, 2020

DURYEA, Pa. – Quantum Rehab has chosen six Q Roll Models to show how iLevel helps them live their best lives, in a significant expansion of the company’s brand ambassador program.

Quantum Rehab had already been using local consumers as brand ambassadors in its ads and on social media, “so we thought this was a good time to expand across the United States,” said Megan Kutch, director of marketing.

Each Q Roll Model won a four-month paid contract, as well as a Quantum Rehab power chair with iLevel technology and complimentary future service and parts. Judging consisted of picture content and an essay.

The Q Roll Models are a teacher and former Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin USA; an employment specialist; a middle school student; a young professional working in communications; a supervisor and proud mom; and an accomplished disability rights writer. They will write blogs about their experiences, and share photos and videos with Quantum Rehab to share on social media.

“It was really important to us to find authentic and fun people to show that there’s not one type of person who uses Quantum chairs,” said Stephanie Woodward, brand ambassador advisor.

Quantum Rehab will leverage the Q Roll Models to build connections on social media, avoiding the common mistake of companies using the platform just as a place to provide information, Kutch says.

“One thing we found that really resonates with the community is showing lifestyle pictures—consumers doing things in their everyday life,” she said. “Showing a picture of a chair—that’s not really going to connect them with people who want to follow them.”

Q Roll Model: Isabella Bullock

BELLEVILLE, Mich. – HME News recently spoke to Isabella Bullock, a Q Roll Model and an employment specialist at Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living, about being an advocate on social media and what the iLevel will do for her.

HME News: What made you want to apply? 

Isabella Bullock: I have an elevated feature that's not as stable as the iLevel, so not only did I want the perks for myself, but I'm also passionate about having an elevated wheelchair because I know how many doors it opened for me. As an employment specialist, I'm constantly talking to the people I work with about getting in elevated chairs so they can have independence in the workplace.

HME: How will iLevel benefit you? 

Bullock: I work in an office and we do stand up meetings when we talk to our co-workers. The chair I have now, when elevated, really slows down the chair because it’s not safe to mobilize when elevated. So having the iLevel will give me the freedom to remain elevated.  

HME: As a roll model, you’ll be on social media. Are you already active?

Bullock: Yes. Everything collided at once. When I found out, I won I was in L.A. attending the Rollettes Experience and I realized that I was one of the only power chair users. Most of the other women were using manual. The barriers that someone who uses a manual wheelchair faces vs. someone who uses a power chair faces can look very different. So the day before I found out I won I decided to become more active on Instagram and share my story as a power chair user.