Quantum Rehab spotlights iLevel users

Friday, February 22, 2019

DURYEA, Pa. – Quantum Rehab has launched a dedicated website to showcase some of the more than 20,000 consumers who now use iLevel.

The website, www.lifeatilevel.com, features photos, videos, blogs and biographies.

“Consumers are coming up to us all the time, saying, ‘Take my picture using your technology; we want to be on your website,’ so we wanted a separate place for that,” said Megan Kutch, director of marketing for Quantum Rehab. “I’ve been in this industry for more than 18 years and to see people this excited is so refreshing.”

Quantum Rehab launched iLevel, its power seat elevation technology, in 2015. The company has a section of its website that highlights the technology, including information on how to try and get it funded, but it never really had a website that was dedicated to users.

One of the highlights of the website, “Tell Us Your Story,” collects information from users so Quantum Rehab can contact them, interview them about how the technology has impacted their lives and feature them on the website.

“Some of the things that we hear a lot are, ‘Now we can do our own laundry,’ or ‘Now I can reach the stovetop and cook’ or ‘Now I can hug and kiss my family without them bending over,’” Kutch said.

The website is also aimed at consumers who don’t currently use iLevel and want to learn more about the technology.

“Consumers see the technology on social media and they want to know how to get it,” Kutch said. “They see it empowering people’s lives and making them more independent.”

In that way, the website also serves as a powerful motivator to consumers to explore not only how to get power seat elevation technology but also how to get if funded.

“It's great that consumers are fighting for this technology,” Kutch said. “They want it so much.”