Quit trying to re-invent the wheel

Monday, October 31, 2005

In the mid-1990's, there were many insurance companies, private and HMOs, that required companies they worked with to be accredited. In addition, our company strongly felt that the day would come when Medicare would want companies to be accredited. With this in mind, our company went through the process to become JCAHO accredited. This was more than eight years ago, and we have maintained our accreditation with them.
Now it is 2005 and CMS seems to be forging ahead with plans to require accreditation. We are somewhat confused, however, by the process in which CMS is handling this. It seems that too much time and money is being spent by CMS to come up with some type of "accreditation formula" when there are three solid agencies already in place with this "formula."
From our experience with JCAHO, we feel there could not be any more precise standards in place than what is already being required from JCAHO. In addition, it seems that the first views we have of what CMS's "accreditation formula" might be are duplicated from what is already required from JCAHO.
It seems much time and money could be saved if CMS simply reviewed the standards of accreditation through JCAHO, ACHA and CHAPS. We say "yes" to CMS, companies should be accredited. Why waste time, though, on duplicating what's already been done? Quit trying to reinvent the wheel.
- Jerry W. Hall, Hall-Moore Medical Supplies, Jacksonville, Fla.