Raising the bar

Saturday, November 30, 2002

I just wanted to compliment HME News on the great commentary that you published by Mike Hammes of Sunrise Medical about the future of our industry. His statement that driving to raise the bar in our industry is an investment in our future is one of the biggest reasons that we started the Homecare Products Manufactures Association a couple of months ago. The big response of so many manufacturers joining HPMA shows the commitment our manufacturers have to those things that Mike mentioned in his commentary. Thanks again to HME News for putting the issues on the table.

- Bob Zandee, Homecare Products Manufacturers Association
A smooth transition
Regarding an October article about our interest in ultimately getting out of the Medicare program as a provider (Medicare: 'It's not a good business to be in'): If and when we determine an appropriate exit strategy, there would certainly be a smooth transition that would not disadvantage any customer. We have no plan or any intent to "dump" any customers or any business.

- Alan Grogan, Grogan's Healthcare Supply, Lexington, Ky.