Reduce fraud?

Friday, July 31, 2009

As a small mastectomy business, I offer a service to ladies who, at that time of their life, need all of the support they can get. I spend time with them, I call them to say hi, and I send them Christmas cards. None of this may interest you; I’m just trying to explain what a small business can offer. The reason I’m writing: If all of these new rules and regulations go into effect, all small businesses will be gone. For instance: the requirement for a $50,000 surety bond. Also, we now have paid out $825 for an application for accreditation and $60 a year for each employee certification. They say it is to protect against fraud. If going to prison doesn’t keep fraud down, how will $50,000? I have been in business nearly 15 years and it bothers me that my government will let me be put out of business when I work hard and do a good job. I told some of my patients that I may not be here next year and they started crying, saying I have been with them from the beginning and they still need me.

– Jean Cantrell, The New You