Reporter's notebook: Bucking the trend, some providers hiring

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

While many HME providers report tightening their belts or even closing their doors, others are growing and hiring.

Phoenix, Ariz.-based Maldonado Medical increased its hiring rate by 73% from June of 2012 to June of 2013, and continues to maintain a steady 15% increase in hiring per quarter, the provider announced in August.

Maldonado has beefed up its staff to expand beyond its home base in Phoenix and two locations in California into Texas and Minnesota. The provider specializes in pre- and post-operative rehabilitation equipment for sports medicine.

President Brandon Maldonado says the key to being able to branch out into new service areas is to make sure you’re getting paid—freeing up cash flow for investments. Another of his companies, American National Medical Management (ANMM), processes his claims and ensures he gets paid.

“We specialize in out-of-network private insurance claims, as well as cash sales, with a minor amount of Medicare,” he said. “We’ve achieved a viable competitive advantage over other providers that has kept us pushing through a deep economic downturn.”

Fletcher, N.C.-based All States Medical Supply is also beefing up its staff. The provider recently doubled its workforce to 80 to handle a mail-order diabetes contract, as well as growth in its mail-order pharmacy, braces and pain management product lines. The new hires work in billing, medical records and as patient care representatives. 

“We’re very excited for the future,” said Marcus Suess, CEO. “We have a young team with lots of energy, and the market is growing.”