Reporter's notebook: Software snafus

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

As more software programs from more vendors do more things, they can also become more complicated for the HME providers who use them.

That appears to be the case for a number of providers who use Brightree along with RemitData’s WebScan Pro to manage their documents online. The programs are integrated right now, but not for much longer.

“If we have to retrieve a document, there’s a button to press and we’re instantly in there looking at what we need to see—it’s very organized; it’s very nice,” said one provider. “We have 1 million documents stored. Now we have to decide—if we want to be integrated with Brightree—to cut off WebScan.”

By July 1, 2014, these providers can either sign up for Brightree’s own document management program, which it launched last year; or continue to use WebScan, but as a separate application.

Dave Cormack of Brightree says its program has been received “very positively.” To date, 600 providers have converted or are in the process of converting to its program, including 200 providers who use Brightree with WebScan, he says.

“It’s a document-aware system that knows what to look for under the right circumstances,” said Cormack, president and CEO. “It doesn’t allow users to progress to confirm an order unless all the documents are there. It’s a smarter way of doing it.”

While Brightree doesn’t charge for the conversion, it does charge for the program, Cormack says.

“It’s a predictable amount—and when you consider its ability to reduce labor and responses related to audits, there’s no additional cost at all,” he said.

Brian Fugere of RemitData says the end of WebScan’s integration with Brightree is “part of doing business.”

“It’s unfortunate for the customers, because these decisions are made not necessarily in their best interest and it impacts them the most,” said Fugere, COO. “But sometimes these things happen.”

For providers who use Brightree and want to stick with WebScan, that’s still an option, Fugere says.

“That integration point will go away, but we’re helping users with a workaround that will allow them to continue using the two programs side by side,” he said.