ResMed responds swiftly

Sunday, November 30, 2008

POWAY, Calif.--Not all CPAP masks are created equal, and women with OSA have typically had limited options. Enter ResMed’s Swift LT for Her, a smaller mask designed specifically for women introduced in October.

“This is a need that’s been evolving,” said Hillary Theakston, director of communications. “As technology gets more advanced, we are peeling back the layers to see how sleep products can be improved.”

An independent poll on revealed that 90% of women feel manufacturers should be more considerate of women’s needs; 70% had mask fit problems; 25% said their mask was too large; and 30% had hair management needs.

The Swift LT for Her is 50% smaller than the Mirage Swift II. It features three pillow sizes, including extra small, and weighs 2.3 ounces. An adjustable back-strap can be worn over or under the hair.

“It’s very unobtrusive and light on the face,” said Jennifer Baum, product manager. “Women don’t like marks on their face.”

The Swift is packaged with an information kit that includes patient testimonials, and facts and figures on OSA.

The mask’s smaller size is expected to boost patient compliance and offers HME providers a growth area in mask replacements, said Theakston.

“Even those who aren’t compliant-ask them if this mask would be more acceptable,” she said.
In conjunction with the Swift for Her, ResMed launched in October, an educational and informational site geared toward women.Eventually it will evolve into an online community. ResMed is also sponsoring Mended Hearts, a nonprofit group that provides support to heart patients.

“Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer among women and there’s a strong link between that and OSA,” said Baum. “We think this will help raise awareness between the two."