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ResMed studies target comfort, compliance

ResMed studies target comfort, compliance

SAN DIEGO - A study presented this week at the American Thoracic Society 2014 International Conference shows a new algorithm can make APAP therapy more comfortable for women.

“The overlooked gender differences of sleep apnea can make treatment uncomfortable and less effective for women,” said Jeff Armistead, vice president of medical affairs at ResMed, which funded the study.

Researchers say the treatment algorithm addresses symptoms common to women: shorter respiratory events, apneas that occur mostly during the REM phase of sleep, and that air flow is frequently restricted but not blocked in female patients.

Researchers found that the proportion of flow-limited breaths was significantly lower with the new algorithm than with standard APAP, and mean mask pressure tended to be less.

Also this week, ResMed announced the results of another study, which found that its U-Sleep compliance management solution led to a 59% reduction in labor associated with coaching patients on CPAP therapy. U-Sleep monitors usage and helps providers coach and manage patients. It sends automated text messages and emails to patients when data shows they aren't using their CPAP devices.


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