ResMed tests wireless technology

Friday, October 31, 2008

POWAY, Calif.--With high gas prices making home visits more and more costly, ResMed has taken steps to enhance its wireless CPAP compliance monitoring system to make it even easier for providers to collect data from their offices.

“We offer a spectrum of options-everything from direct downloads to removable media cards to wireless systems-and different providers are looking for different things,” said Mick Farrell, senior vice president of the sleep strategic business unit at ResMed. “But there certainly has been increased interest in CPAP compliance monitoring technologies over the last 12 months.”

ResMed recently partnered with SleepQuest, a San Carlos, Calif-based sleep provider, to perform a pilot trial of new technology. Thirty of the provider’s patients are participating in the trial.

The manufacturer has offered ResTraxx, a Web-based compliance monitoring system, for several years.

Payers who seek to make compliance data a requirement for CPAP reimbursement are also pushing demand for wireless systems. Under the recently revised local coverage determinations (LCDs) for CPAPs, CMS will pay for the devices for only 12 weeks, unless providers can prove patients are compliant and benefiting from the therapy.

SleepQuest, for one, believes wireless systems improve compliance. It uses the systems with about 10% of its CPAP patients.

“It’s tremendously helpful to patients,” said Robert Koenigsberg, president and CEO. “The system pulls information from the machine every day, and they don’t need to do anything.”