ResMed unmasks new interfaces

Monday, April 30, 2007

POWAY, Calif. - ResMed zoomed into April with a new and improved version of its popular Mirage Swift nasal pillows mask and two new full-face masks that company officials hope will take the market by storm.
Without sacrificing the original's light weight and comfort, say company officials, the Swift II is 86% quieter than the original Swift. Vice President of Marketing Mick Farrell called the reduced noise level a benefit for the patient, as well as the bed partner.
"With the original Swift, bed partners may have noticed a little noise, but they were happy because it used to be snoring," Farrell said. "When they experience the Swift II, bed partners say, 'Oh my gosh! Even if I wake up during the night, I can go right back to sleep.'"
ResMed lowered the noise level by moving the vent holes from the pillows to the mask frame, which directs air downward in a direction more aligned with natural breath, said Allen Ehrlich, director of product management, Americas.
Farrell compared the upgrade of the original Swift to the Swift II this way: "It's like the same car platform, the same chassis. The real improvement is the engine."
Here's a rundown on ResMed's new fourth generation full-face masks:
The Mirage Quattro
ResMed designed this mask to fit 95% of people who require a full-face mask. The company's Ultra Mirage fits only 80% of the population, Ehrlich said. Additionally, ResMed reduced the number of codes from four to six on the Quattro, allowing providers to reduce their inventory by 35%.
"The HME provider needs 35% less inventory to go after 20% more patients," Farrell said. "That is good news for your top-line growth and your bottom-line profit in terms of inventory management efficiency."
The Quattro also includes an extra small mask to go along with the usual small, medium and large. This significantly expands its fitting range, representing the first time ResMed has specifically focused on the small-face market, Farrell said.
The Mirage Liberty
The Liberty is to the Quattro what the Swift II is to a traditional nasal mask. Designed to fit more than 90% of users, the Liberty is smaller than a traditional full-face mask and offers patients a greater sense of freedom, Ehrlich said.
"For someone who is more claustrophobic, who wants to have the freedom to wear glasses, it is similar to the Swift," he said.
Just as nasal pillows masks have gained popularity and market share for being smaller and less invasive, the Liberty possesses the same potential in the full-face segment, say ResMed officials.