RESNA to ATSs: We’re here to protect you

Saturday, May 31, 2008

When CMS implemented its ATS requirement on April 1, the questions started flying: Are there enough ATSs out there? How does RESNA plan to address concerns with contracting ATSs? Anjali Weber, RESNA’s director of certification, provides answers.

By the numbers

Weber said there are about 1,700 ATSs. From January to March, alone, about 750 providers sat for the exam, she said.

More failures?

An increasing number of candidates who don’t specialize in rehab and candidates who aren’t familiar with the other subject areas on exam have resulted in more failures, Weber said.

A lower pass rate?

Weber said: “Practitioners are passing and have always been passing about 85% of the time. Suppliers are about half of that.”


Weber said: “What happens when an adjustment needs to be made because of a changed condition? I see this causing a huge problem.”

Time to stand up

RESNA has made governing ATSs a priority through its professional standards board, Weber said: “We want to maintain and protect their integrity.”