RESNA brands certification

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ARLINGTON, Va.--RESNA in January added a marketing and promotions page to its Web site to help assistive technology practitioners (ATPs) increase their visibility.

“We want to give ATPs tools that they can use to get them and their certifications recognized more broadly,” said Anjali Weber, director of certification for RESNA.

The Web page includes two downloadable brochures that ATPs can use to educate referral sources and consumers on what the certification means and why it’s best to work with certified practitioners. The page also includes a press release template that ATPs can use to announce they’ve earned the certification.

The need to get the word out about ATPs is more important than ever, association officials say. RESNA recently replaced its assistive technology supplier and assistive technology provider certifications with the ATP certification, and Medicare, for a year now, has required that providers have at least one certified professional on staff to supply certain power wheelchairs.

“People need to be able to find us,” said Laura Cohen, chairwoman of RESNA’s Professional Standards Board. “Also, if there are PTs or OTs out there who don’t specialize in seating and mobility, we want them to know to look for an ATP who is.”

Additionally, RESNA has begun publishing a quarterly newsletter to improve communication with its registrants.

“We want to be more proactive in letting folks know what we’re doing,” Weber said. “We’ve broadened the requirements for recertification, for example, to make it easier for registrants to earn CEUs. This is a way to get that info out there.”