Respironics fills up pipeline

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ATLANTA - If you liked what you saw from Respironics this year at Medtrade, just wait until next year.
By next fall, and in some instances sooner, look for Respironics to release a 30-pound stationary concentrator, a 9.9-pound portable oxygen concentrator (the EverGo) and products to treat insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders and other non-respiratory sleep disorders. The company's also working to develop a liquid oxygen transfilling device that can be used in the home.
"We believe (liquid) is one of the best therapies if we can make the reimbursement work," said John Frank, vice president and general manager, home respiratory care.
This year, the company's really touting its line of M Series Sleep Systems. The line begins with a basic CPAP and moves through increasingly sophisticated units to meet the clinical needs of different patients. Of note for patients who don't respond to traditional CPAP therapy: the new BiPAP Auto with Bi-Flex. The unit combines auto adjusting pressure when a patient inhales and exhales.