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Resupply: Don’t lose sight of what matters

Resupply: Don’t lose sight of what matters

James DragatsisQ. How do I find a resupply program that encompasses all communication modalities? 

A. As PAP resupply has rapidly changed and expanded over the last decade, options for contacting patients have also grown – from IVR, live call and email to texting to electronic ordering. Finding a program and solution that best fits your business’ needs is key.   

Enhanced technology has enabled us to reach more patients, and more efficiently, to capture resupply orders. We live in an age of constant electronic communication and having the ability to text and email patients is a must. Many have compared this shift to align with an “Amazon” culture.  

While attaining orders through electronic means, it’s important not to lose sight of the two things that matter the most: patient care and business outcomes. Programs based solely on electronic means often don’t provide the customer service or personal touch many patients desire, as well as the HME provider. Having the ability to talk to a knowledgeable customer service agent can increase therapy compliance and, ultimately, increase resupply revenues. Medicare patients, in particular, have difficulties utilizing technology, and that PAP resupply phone call they receive may be the only human interaction they have that day.  

Many aspects of resupply can be automated, but it’s crucial to not assume your program is on auto pilot. Having regular, monthly communication with your resupply partner, reviewing outcomes, identifying what’s working well and addressing shortcomings is another best practice. Communication is vital and allows for timely action and pivoting modalities when needed. 

Both business and patients’ needs are ever-changing, as we’ve seen through the last few years of the pandemic and product recalls. Patients should always have a choice in how their therapy and supplies are attained. 

James Dragatsis is CEO of Beyond HME. Reach him at


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