Sunday, August 31, 2008

Q. I’ve set up a retail showroom. Now how do I get more customers to walk through the door?

A. Retail is not an easy proposition. The products are not flashy or glamorous, and most people don’t realize that they exist until an accident happens and the need for some HME product presents itself.

In addition to the more traditional method of advertising, holding healthcare seminars and screenings at your store is a way to branch out to your community and attract additional customers. By having a healthcare specialist come to your store in the evening or on the weekend and teaching the seniors in your community and their caregivers about any pertinent health issues, you are also showing them what products and services you can provide at your store.

To hold a successful healthcare seminar or screening, you’ll have to communicate with the physicians, nurses and healthcare specialists in your community to schedule the event. From bone density screenings to flu shot administration to discussions on healthy diet or diabetes, there is a range of topics that would bring prospective customers to your store and promote healthy living. Let all your referral sources know about your scheduled event, as well as the assisted living facilities in your area.

Before the event, be sure to have your store uncluttered and comfortable. When you have potential customers in your store, the idea is to show off what you have to offer.

Some retailers go the extra mile and provide food and beverages. It is also not a bad idea to have a sign-in sheet so you can include these patrons on future mailers or advertising.

By holding screenings and seminars at your store, you are not only providing a valuable tool for better health in your community but also exposing your products and services to a new group of customers.

Chris Godlewski is a senior merchandiser at Gladson Design Group. Reach him at <a href="mailto:cgodl