RMJ touts ‘telematics’ for HME

Sunday, August 31, 2008

FALLBROOK, Calif.--RMJ Technologies sees HME providers as the ideal users of its new vehicle navigation system, and the company is intensifying its marketing efforts toward the industry.

A two-year-old vendor of telematics equipment to commercial transport companies, RMJ has been looking for niche businesses in underserved markets, and CEO Jerome Toliver says HME fits that profile perfectly.

“We wanted to go after an industry we thought was neglected instead of one being served by a bunch of competitors,” he said. “This way we can occupy a unique position.”

HME companies that manage between five and 25 vehicles are optimal customers for RMJ’s suite of navigation technology products, Toliver said, which includes tracking and tracing units.

The benefits of using telematics-a term for electronic tracking-are threefold, Toliver said: an average 16% reduction in miles traveled through more efficient routing; positive environmental impact from reduced emissions; and enhanced safety with hands-free cell phone capability.

By using telematics combined with navigation, a fleet manager can run reports to include speed, idle time, stop and start, and time management. Company officials say this data can dramatically assist fleet managers in reducing the use of fuel and greatly assist with the mitigation of emissions. With supplement programs, Toliver said, fleet managers can download routes from the Internet directly into a driver’s navigation unit, which in turn provides the driver with audible turn-by-turn street name directions.

“It’s easy to get lost, which results in a waste of fuel and man hours and puts excessive emissions into the air,” he said. “It can also hurt a company’s service record.”

The systems are also an effective worker management tool, providing information on different drivers’ delivery patterns for comparison.

“That way if it’s determined that one driver makes longer stops than others, perhaps that is an opportunity for more training,” Toliver said.

To help providers better afford the cost of equipping a fleet with the telematics technology, RMJ is offering a leasing option that requires no upfront cash.

“The cost is about $4 a day per vehicle; that’s one gallon of gas,” he said.