Roscoe Medical delivers cash, discounts

Friday, June 30, 2006

STRONGSVILLE, Calif. - You might say that Roscoe Medical was just itching for a way to say thanks to its provider customers.
"We put our heads together and said, 'What is fun? What is different and hasn't been done in the industry that might catch our customers' attention,'" said company President Jesse Keirn.
The answer: scratch-off cards. As part of Customer Appreciation Month in July, the distributor mailed all 2,500 HMEs it does business with a scratch-off card. The cards represent $50,000 in prizes, including cash of up to $1,000, deep discounts on orders and free shipping.
"This adds an element of fun to doing business," Keirn said. "The only person who could really lose if it fails miserably is us."
If the program goes well this year, Roscoe hopes to expand it: either by boosting the amount it gives away next year or by increasing the frequency of the giveaways. Expanding the program, however, depends on how well providers take to it this year and whether or not Roscoe's vendors decide to kick in and "sweeten the deal," Keirn said.
"If this runs well this go-around, we'll have some data to take to our vendors and to say we need to refocus some dollars on our customers rather than our sales reps--they're doing OK as it is," Keirn said.