Roscoe works to 'keep life simple'

Thursday, August 31, 2006

STRONGVILLE, Ohio - Old habits die hard--execs at Roscoe Medical know this. But they also feel so good about the company's new line of mobility products that providers who give it a try get an "absolute, no questions asked, 30-day-money-back guarantee."
"We know people get into (buying) habits, and we want them to try our product, and we want to keep it simple for them to do that," said President Jesse Keirn.
The Roscoe line of mobility products, which the company will unveil at Medtrade, features a variety of manual wheelchairs, rollators, walkers and canes. Until now, Roscoe has been known primarily as a distributor of respiratory parts and accessories. The move into mobility brings the company a step toward becoming a one-stop shop for providers. Sometime next year, Roscoe will debut a line of bath safety products and aids to daily living. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the power wheelchair market, Keirn said, Roscoe has no plans to enter that product line.
Becoming a one-stop shop--for respiratory accessories, mobility products and eventually other lines--keeps with the company's new logo: "We keep life simple."
"It's about fewer phone calls for them instead of nine calls to nine different manufacturers," Keirn said. "Buying at one source means less time, fewer delivery charges, doing everything on one invoice. We believe offering that is important to keeping it simple."