SADMERC clears up CPM confusion

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

COLUMBIA, S.C.- The SADMERC released a bulletin in March that aims to clarify the types of products described by the continuous passive motion (CPM) codes E0935 (for use on knee only) and E0936 (for use other than knee). CPM machines must meet these characteristics: durable and capable of repeated use over five years (elastic, fabric, single use or light plastic devices do not meet this test) and capable of continuous passive motion of the affected limb (meaning it can move the limb in an appropriate plane of motion, in a continuous fashion, at the same rate of speed, for a prescribed length of time, with adjustable limits of range of motion, with an identical range of motion in each cycle, without any input from the patient by the contralateral or other limbs and with easily accessible safety or cutoff switches). Additionally, CPM machines should be powered electrically and have an adapter for long-term use.