S.C. Medicaid reinstates co-pays for diabetic supplies

Thursday, January 31, 2002

GREENVILLE, S.C. - The Medicaid program here has decided to reinstate its co-payments for diabetic supplies but they're "sticking to their guns" for other HME like rehab equipment, according to the state HME association.

Steve Frantz, president of the South Carolina Medical Equipment Services Association (SCMESA), said the change for diabetic supplies was a surprise but a "pretty big win right off the bat." Co-pays for equipment like power wheelchairs, however, are still off the table.

In October, Medicaid changed its allowable so it equaled Medicare's (80%), wiping out its co-pays (20%) and leaving providers to pick up the tab, if they take assignment, or beneficiaries, if they don't.

Frantz said the association's still assessing what impact the cuts are having on providers and whether it'll affect assignment. For his business, Carolina Homecare Medical Equipment Center, the biggest impact's on rehab equipment, which represents 30% of sales, he said. HME