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Scooter Store CEO: 'We respect' investigation

Scooter Store CEO: 'We respect' investigation

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - A week after federal and state agencies raided its headquarters, The Scooter Store released a statement saying it is complying with the investigation.

“We respect the government's investigation and will continue to work with investigators to make sure they have access to the information they need to conclude their activities,” stated Marty Landon, CEO of The Scooter Store.

Neither The Scooter Store nor the FBI has stated the reason for the investigation. When asked about the raid on Feb. 22, an FBI spokesman characterized the investigation as “a regular and usual investigative activity” but declined to discuss it further.

The Scooter Store is prepared to address any instances of misconduct should the investigation bring any to light, Landon stated.

“If we learn of procedural shortcomings or personal misconduct, we will investigate and take appropriate corrective action,” he stated.

The Scooter Store remains “fully open for business” during the investigation, Landon stated.

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