Scooter Store furlough becomes permanent

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – Most Scooter Store employees on furlough since March 8 will be officially laid off as of March 31, according to an email sent to employees by CEO Marty Landon Tuesday night.

The provider has brought back approximately 300 employees (117 in New Braunfels and the remaining in the field) to “assist in meeting customer requirements and supporting operations,” Landon said.

The rest—approximately 1,600—will be permanently laid off.

This isn’t the end for The Scooter Store, however. The provider plans to restructure and regroup, according to the email.

“Over the last week we have reached a formal agreement with our lenders that would fund core operations while the company develops a viable business model for this healthcare sector,” Landon states in the email.

The Scooter Store will “remake our operations to provide our products and services much more efficiently and always in compliance with government requirements while continuing to deliver exceptional support,” he added.

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