Scooter Store seeks clinical role

Thursday, October 31, 2002

NEW BRAUNSFELS, Texas — While the Scooter Store dominates the geriatric mobility market, it's lacked presence on the clinical, "higher-end" of the rehab spectrum. That's about to change, said Scooter Store CEO Doug Harrison.

All of the Scooter Store's customer service managers, in 40 locations in 24 states, are now participating in certification programs run by the Scooter Store's two largest manufacturers, said Harrison.

Eventually, the geriatric mobility dealer plans to expand its operatins into a market now dominated by companies who are members of the national registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS).

"We're coming after all the NRRTS business," said Harrison. "And we're going to be as tough a competitor for them in the rehab business as we have been for them in the business for the elderly. So we're coming, 'cause they want us too." HME