Sunday, February 29, 2004

This month’s product focus takes a look at scooters. Vendors were asked to submit their flagship product in three scooter categories: 3-wheel, 4-wheel and portable.

Amigo Mobility International

Amigo RT Express
- Best application for functional indoor living.

- Perfect solution for individuals of varying size and stature.

- Easily maneuverable through narrow hallways, bathrooms and kitchens with a 20” width.
Pride Mobility

Revo 3-Wheel
- Disassembles into five parts, with the heaviest piece weighing only 48 pounds.

- Turning radius of 38 inches.

- Weight capacity up to 300 pounds.

- Easy, quick disconnect into four light components for effortless transportation.

- Standard size ergonomic seat provides full comfort to a wide ranges of users.

- 22 Ah battery pack allows up to 2 mile driving range.

Escort Scooter Model 3200
- The Escort is a powerful three-wheel scooter with low energy consumption.

- Solid state 24-volt converter with onboard battery charger.

- Maximum speed is 6.4 mph along with a 25 mile range.
Ranger All Season

- Patented easy disassembly with light-weight aluminum frame.

- Patented easy to operate adjustable tiller.

- 300-lb. rider capacity with optional heavy duty 400-lb. capacity.

- Powerful and trendy midsize scooter.

- Standard headlight/turn signal package.

- 300-lb. load capacity.
Medline Industries
Strider Scooters
- 4-wheeled scooter with ultra-tight turning radius.

- High quality finish with lights integrated into cabinet.

- The strider models separate into three main parts for easy transportation.
Sunrise Medical

Guardian Micro-lite Garnet
- The Guardian is a power wheelchair option in a lightweight and transportable design.

- Breaks down into three manageable components.

- Built-in travel handle.
EV Rider
CityBug Helper
- The CityBug Helper weighs only 65-lbs., 45 lbs. without battery.

- The unit easily folds to fit in the trunk of any car and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

- It travels up to 10 mph and has a 10-mile range.

- 3-or-4-wheel versions, touch keypad dashboard, adjustable streering column.

- Flip back height and width adjustable arms, 360-degree swivel seat.

- Head, tail and hazard lights, turn signals, horn, front basket, onboard charger.

Zoom HMV
- In this innovative center-wheel drive design, the front and rear wheels are positioned much closer together and centered beneath the chassis.

- As you move the tiller, the rear wheels track closely to the front, to make a sharp, natural turn.

- Every detail is designed around the driver. From a more comfortable seat to simpler handling to easy-charge batteries.
Sunrise Medical

Guardian Micro-lite Ruby II
- Designed to meet K0011 HCPCS coding.

- Five different speed settings available.

- Flip down armrests.

- 3-wheel model, lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable steering column, folddown back.

- Flipback width adjustable arms, 360-degree swivel seat with height adjustable backrest.

- Key switch, horn, front basket, charger and batteries, only 47-lb. base weight.
No Boundaries

Featherlite Deluxe
- The world’s first folding, portable scooter has been approved in all areas.

- The new Hub Motor provides users with more torque and easy steering.

- The Deluxe comes standard with folding armrest and cup holder.