Scully mixes it up with Congress

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

WASHINGTON — CMS Administrator Tom Scully backed down from his refusal to appear before the House Small Business Committee to answer questions on whether Medicare's reimbursement policies hurt small businesses that market medical devices.

In early April, Scully defied a congressional subpoena to appear before the committee, saying he would not attend a hearing with individuals he regulates. Scully added that he would address the committee separately and listen to testimony from the other witnesses, but he said that he would not "mix it up with people who have a gripe about a particular regulation."

Scully's decision prompted committee Chair Donald Manzullo (R-Ill) to demand his resignation.

"I asked for his resignation because if he thinks he's too good to sit with taxpayers, he does a disservice to every medical provider and recipients of Medicare and Medicaid," the Congress Daily quoted Manzullo as saying.

Within days HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson promised that Scully would appear before the committee. HME