Sleeper hit: Association revamps flick

Monday, March 31, 2008

WASHINGTON – The American Sleep Apnea Association rolled out the red carpet in March when it premiered its movie, “What is Sleep Apnea?” as part of National Sleep Awareness Week.
The movie is a remake of the association’s original 1994 version which was in dire need of a makeover, said Ed Grandi, executive director of ASAA.
“The science hasn’t changed, but the look and feel of the video was dated,” said Grandi. “This was shot in high-definition and has a long shelf life.”
The DVD offers providers a tool to educate customers on sleep apnea.
The 10-minute movie focuses on one man’s struggle with sleep apnea, from slowly gaining awareness that he has a problem, through diagnosis and treatment.
“Using one person’s story makes it more personal,” said Grandi. “We talk about the social effect on the person. It has a happy ending. HE and his wife go to sleep holding hands.”
One thing that has changed since the original movie is the abundance of products now available to treat OSA. The new flick features a “cavalcade of masks,” he said.
“In ’94, there was only one mask—a nasal type,” said Grandi. “Now we show there’s a mask for everybody, from full face to hybrid.”
The masks shown are from several manufacturers, but the movie is non-branded, so patients don’t feel pressured to purchase a certain brand, said Grandi.
The DVD is $30, but purchasers who join the association can get it for half-price. ASAA’s annual dues start at $100 for HME providers physicians and sleep techs. Membership for patients is $25.
The American Sleep Apnea Association was founded in 1990 and currently boasts 2,500 members. For more information, visit HME