SleepQuest, ResMed test wireless technology

Sunday, September 14, 2008

SAN CARLOS, Calif. - SleepQuest has partnered with ResMed to conduct clinical trials of a new wireless technology that could boost compliance for sleep apnea patients and reduce their need for office visits, the company announced Sept. 4.

SleepQuest, which provides home testing and treatment for sleep apnea, is using Bluetooth technology to transmit sleep data from CPAPs or other devices directly to its Sleep Care Specialists. Currently, 30 sleep apnea patients are participating in the trial, according to a release, and so far, there are no reports of technical problems with the setup.

Without continued support and encouragement, many patients stop treatment after a few weeks, according to the release, and wireless technology is another way to provide more convenient treatment and follow-up care.

"Immediate data transfer allows us to serve our patients more efficiently, saving them time and money," stated Cody Parker a regional office manager for SleepQuest, in the release.

ResMed partnered with SleepQuest to lead the trial because of its "disease management approach" to sleep apnea and treatment compliance rate, according to a release.