SmartStick smartens up

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IRVINE, Calif. – Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has made its SmartStick technology, which records patient sleep compliance data, a little bit smarter.

With the new SmartStick Net, a provider no longer has to drive out and retrieve the data or have the patient deliver it. The patient simply removes the SmartStick from the CPAP unit and inserts it into a computer’s USB port. The data is then automatically sent to a secure HIPAA-compliant Web site where it can be viewed.

A dashboard on the Web site shows if the patient is meeting insurer compliance requirements. If the patient is non-compliant, the provider then takes steps to make him compliant.

“Think about a snow bird who is going from the Northeast to Florida and they are in a hotel or somewhere,” said Robin Randolph, Fisher & Paykel’s marketing manager. “As long as it is Internet capable, they can stick the SmartStick in a computer and off the data goes.”

MedSage Technologies, a pioneer in patient-management software, helped Fisher & Paykel create the new SmartStick and is hosting the Web site where the data is stored. Fisher & Paykel debuted the SmartStick Net at Medtrade in October.