Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Computers Unlimited
Take the power of Computer Unlimited’s TIMS software out in the field with TIMMIE software, which is powered by Windows CE, and loaded onto a hand-held PC. All orders, truck stock and customer cylinder balances for each driver’s route are wirelessly downloaded into TIMMIE. When the driver returns, all deliveries, new orders and electronic signatures are uploaded via wireless transfer into the TIMS system for inventory management and billing.
Fastrack’s Electronic Portable Forms is designed to change the way data is captured in the field. Fastrack offers a mechanism by which the provider can easily convert their existing forms into an electronic version adding functionality to enhance entry and standardize in formations. After conversion to an electronic format the forms can be downloaded to virtually any PDA device running the Palm, Rimm, Pocket PC, etc.
The latest release from Computer Applications Unlimited’s Solution/One HME Systems includes a Privacy Log, which automatically records and stores required data whenever a patient’s Personal Health Information becomes available.

SoftAid’s DME Office v8.0 is a comprehensive practice manage-ment system built exclusively for medical equipment companies. The software combines the functionality of a medical office management system with the critical features required by medical equipment suppliers, such as inventory control and order management.