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Soleo sees opportunity in data

Soleo sees opportunity in data

MCKINNEY, Texas - Soleo Health has been on an aggressive growth path since its launch in 2014, adding locations and therapies, says CEO Drew Walk.

“We've gone from being a startup to having a really nice platform that allows us to service patients all over the country for complex infusion therapy,” he said. “We think we have a lot more opportunity over the next three to five years to continue that growth and it puts us in a good competitive place in terms of the market that we've got not only the platform but also the data to show the value of what we do.”

The provider, which offers home and alternate site infusion therapy and specialty pharmacy, has grown its footprint to include 20 pharmacies, and is licensed in all 50 states.

Data is king

A big part of Soleo's success is its ability to demonstrate the value of the services it provides using its proprietary clinical outcomes program, SoleMetrics, says Walk. That data includes patient outcomes, and cost savings for both the payer and the healthcare system, as a whole.

“It's clearly made a difference for us in the efforts we've been making on most of the fronts that we are dealing with in Washington, D.C., especially on the Home Infusion Act,” he said. “Being able to provide data outside of just drug dispensing data is very beneficial and creates a different conversation.”

Craig Vollmer, who recently moved into the newly created role of chief commercial officer, says one of his goals is to provide customized data to specific clients, including health plans, physicians and manufacturers.

“We are doing some things where we go beyond providing traditional residual data and we are now actually engaging manufacturers with real world evidence for them to understand what their drug is doing in the marketplace post-launch,” he said. “There are a number of new drugs in the pipeline. It's valuable for them if they've got the data to be able to understand, not just the products, but what that patient experience is.”

Not just about the drugs

All this growth means Soleo Health is adding anywhere from 50 to 100 employees each year, says Walk. In 2018, it received three Stevie Awards in the Annual American Business Awards, which underscores its commitment to create an environment where it can recruit and retain great employees.

“We want employees that feel good about what they do and feel good about the company because we think that is reflected in what they do every day,” he said. “When it comes to patient care, it really is all about the people that are interacting with patients whether it's the pharmacist or the person managing the phone. We think it really has an impact on how our external clients and customers feel.”


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